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GM 8.25" IFS Yukon Ring and Pinion Gears | 4.11 (Reverse)
Yukon Gear and Axle Ring and Pinion Sets
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Description Compatibility Part Numbers

Axle: GM IFS 8.25"
Ratio: 4.11
Rotation: Reverse (Front)

2010+ GM 8.25 IFS use a different carrier deck height and require a 2009 and older differential carrier or locker.

[ Note: 4.09, 4.10, and 4.11 gears are all compatible. See: Crawlpedia Gear Ratio Variations Explained ]

High performance Yukon Ring & Pinion gear sets for the GM IFS 8.25" front axle use the latest design and manufacturing technologies to provide a quiet running gear that is strong and easy to set up. All Yukon ring & pinion sets come standard with a one-year warranty and, as you'll see below, utmost care and quality is put into every differential component manufactured. This effort undoubtedly demands extra time, but ultimately allows Yukon to ensure the quality pattern, solid fit, and clean finish that you would expect from the performance industry leader.

OEM-Style Replacement
Yukon offers a full line of high-quality OEM replacement gears to accommodate most light trucks and rear-wheel-drive passenger cars. Their ring and pinion sets meet and often exceed OEM specifications with gears that are engineered to last longer and run cooler and quieter than other aftermarket gears. Plus, when properly set up, Yukon gears are virtually silent.
Heavy Duty Towing
In many cases, factory ratios are not low enough to give you the pulling power you’re looking for from your tow rig which is why Yukon offers a full line of gear ratios from 3.08 to 5.38 for most 2 and 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs. Yukon also offers hard-to-find gears so whether you're looking for more power or correcting for larger tires, Yukon has you covered.
Racing and Performance
Yukon is heavily involved in the racing world and offers a large variety of popular gear sets for racing applications. These gears are built to withstand high horsepower with ease and designed to survive the most extreme and torturous conditions. For the weight conscious racer, Yukon offers several lightweight gears with lower rotating mass that translates into more power to the ground.
Off-Road and 4x4
Whether you’re trail riding, desert racing, or rock crawling, Yukon has the gears you need to get you over the toughest terrain. Using top quality materials and the latest machining technology is how Yukon gears are able to withstand the abuses of high horsepower trophy trucks while still offering the precise control and strength needed for competition rock crawling.

Yukon differs from other gear and axle providers because they simply have more specialized experience and expertise. The gear development and manufacturing process is complex and they've proven that they know it well. To give you a better understanding of how Yukon makes their gears, here is a brief overview:

1 Once a need for a specific gear is identified, it is validated and designed. The process starts with a computer-generated gear summary which is then used to establish tooth proportions and stress data. This gear summary is also used to develop the tooling that will later be used to manufacture the gear.
2 When the gear design is complete, forging dies are made to create forged gear blanks. Forgings are used because they provide the optimal material grain flow for maximum gear strength. Top quality steel is then heated to 2,100° F to make it malleable (but not liquid) before it is formed using the forging dies that shape the steel. After forging, the hot steel is reheated to 1,700° F and then allowed to slowly cool (called normalizing) to the perfect level of hardness for machining.
3 After the forgings have cooled, they are machined into semi-finished blanks before the gear teeth are cut. This step is critical to the final quality of the gear and requires an experienced professional machine operator and Yukon relies on the best of the best in this elite group.
4 Now that the teeth are cut, the gears are heat treated in a computer-controlled furnace that allows for the precise and consistent temperature control needed to maximize the strength, durability, and surface carburization for extra wear resistance.
5 With the heat treating complete, each ring gear is mated to its pinion gear on a computer controlled lapping machine that runs the ring and pinion together while a silicon carbide abrasive is run over the two mating surfaces to give them a micro-fine finish. Finally, the bearing surfaces are precision ground within tight tolerances and the final result is a strong, smooth running, quiet, and easy to set up ring and pinion gear set.

Yukon products reflect a professionalism and pride that are unequaled in the industry and before any part is approved for production it is put through a rigorous series of tests and inspections. Add to that their top-tier quality assurance practices and you can rest assured that your Yukon products will perform as advertised and often exceed your expectations.

Yukon ring and pinion images are © Copyright Yukon Gear and Axle, used with permission.
Additional images and product descriptions are © Copyright Filthy Motorsports, LLC.
  • High tech design is quiet, strong, and easy to set up
  • Full line of off-road, performance, and racing gears
  • Run cooler and quieter than other aftermarket gears
  • Extra smooth gear finish
  • One year warranty

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