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Dana 30 OX Locker | 27 Spline (3.73 & Up)
OX Locker
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Price: $999.00

Status: Ships in 1-2 Months
Product Code: OX-D30-373-27

Shifter Options and Accessories

Add Drive Away Lock [+$25.99]
- Compatible with all OX Locker shifter types.

Add CO2 Regulator For Air Shifter [+$99.00]

Add Electric Solenoid For Air Shifter [+$62.00]

Description Compatibility Part Numbers

OX Locker Model: Application: Axle Shafts: Gear Ratios:
D30-373-27 Dana 30 27 Spline 3.73 +

This OX Locker fits Dana 30 axles with 27 spline axle shafts.

This locker is drilled for 3/8" and 7/16" ring gear bolts.

This differential will only work with 3.73 and numerically higher gears. Do not use thick gears.
For more information, please see Thick Gears and Carrier Breaks.

How Does The OX Locker Compare To Other Lockers?

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(To skip ahead to the OX Locker section of the video, go to minute 17:50 or click here.)

OX Lockers are selectable differential lockers that feature a unique cable shifting mechanism for durable, reliable, safe, and easy locker engagement and disengagement. Each unit comes with a proprietary heavy duty differential cover that not only protects your differential, but also holds the shift cable (or air solenoid) and the OX locker's shift fork. With many different lengths of cable available and three different shifter options OEM and custom installations are made easy. Each locker is manufactured in the USA from forged 8620 heat treated steel (the same material used to make ring and pinion gears) and encases 4 spider gears for maximum strength and durability. The locking ring and locking gear used in the OX Locker feature back-cut teeth for superior locking force and accidental locker disengagement prevention. If you're looking for a heavy duty, long lasting, selectable locker that is easy to install, then the OX Locker is the right choice for you.

Ox Locker Internal

Ox Locker Components

Ox Locker Diff Cover

Ox Locker Installed

Ox Shifter Mounted

Recommended Cable Lengths: Manual Shifter Electric Shifter

Small Truck or SUV (0" to 4" Lift) 78" Front / 70" Rear 48" Front / 36" Rear
Small Truck or SUV (4" to 8" Lift) 84" Front / 78" Rear 58" Front / 48" Rear

Mid-Size Truck or SUV (0" to 4" Lift) 84" Front / 87" Rear 48" Front / 36" Rear
Mid-Size Truck or SUV (4" to 8" Lift) 90" Front / 90" Rear 58" Front / 48" Rear

Full-Size Truck or SUV (0" to 4" Lift) 90" Front / 90" Rear 48" Front / 36" Rear
Full-Size Truck or SUV (4" to 8" Lift) 96" Front / 96" Rear 58" Front / 48" Rear

To select the proper OX shifter cable length measure the path of the cable to the proposed actuator mounting location while making sure to avoid sharp edges and high heat areas and maintaining large radius turns to ensure smooth shifting.

Heavy Duty Differential Cover Included
While many electric and air operated lockers require a hole to be drilled through the axle housing for running a wire or air line, the OX Locker comes with a heavy duty differential cover that houses the locking mechanism and comes pre-drilled and threaded for the shifting cable. Not only does this make the locker easier to install, it means that you get a free diff cover upgrade with every purchase.

Mechanical, Air, or Electric Shifting
Unlike any other selectable locker on the market today, the OX locker allows you to engage or disengage your locker manually or by the flip of a switch. Standard equipment for the OX Locker is a manual shifter that allows for easy installation and simple, fool-proof operation. An electric conversion kit is available to replace the manual shifter with an electric actuator for shifting via a dash mounted switch while the air shifter does away with the shift cable altogether and uses and auxiliary air supply to do the shifting for the ultimate low profile installation.

Emergency Drive-Away Lock
Another unique feature of the OX Locker is the ability to mechanically engage the locker by installing an OX Drive-Away Lock (sold separately and highly recommended by Filthy Motorsports) that replaces the shifting cable and permanently engages the locking mechanism. The lock is easy to install and is perfect for trail repairs in the event that the shifting cable breaks or for situations where a locked differential is needed for extended periods of time.

OX Locker images are © Copyright OX-USA, used with permission.
Additional images and product descriptions are © Copyright Filthy Motorsports, LLC.
  • 100% mechanical cable-and-shifter design
  • Heavy duty steel diff cover included
  • Locker is made of 8620 steel (same material as ring and pinion gears)
  • No cast parts, everything is made from forged and heat treated steel
  • 4 spider gear design for maximum strength
  • Back-cut gear tooth locking ring and locking gear
  • Optional air and electric actuation systems
  • Made in the USA

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