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♢ In response to COVID-19, Filthy Motorsports is, and will continue to be, operating business as usual. We are very well set up for working remotely if needed. We have fully operational offices at our showroom as well as at our warehouse/shop. Every employee has secure access to email, phones, and orders from their homes so we are more than prepared to continue operating at full capacity.

♢ We are still accepting new orders and are still seeing high call, email, and order volumes. We continue to ask for your patience and we promise that we will return all calls and emails as fast as we can with our full attention.

♢Please stay safe and don't panic, we will all get through this just fine and enjoy an amazing summer of off-roading!

♢ For additional updates, please be sure to follow our Facebook Page.

Featured Brands and Products

Yukon Gear and Axle
Yukon Gears
ARB Air Lockers
ARB Lockers
Eaton Lockers
Eaton Lockers
Ox Lockers
OX Lockers

View Parts By Axle / Complete Axle List

Dana Axles
Dana 27
Dana 30
Dana 35
Dana 36 ICA
Dana 44
Dana 50
Dana 60
Dana 61
Dana 70
Dana 80
Dana S110
Dana S111
Dana S135

AAM Axles
AAM 9.25" (Front)
AAM 10.5"
AAM 11.5"

Ford Axles
Ford 7.5"
Ford 8 Inch
Ford 8.8"
Ford 9 Inch
Ford 9.75"
Ford 10.25"
Ford 10.5"

Chrysler Axles
Chrysler 7.25"
Chrysler 8.25"
Chrysler 8.75"
Chrysler 9.25" (F)
Chrysler 9.25" (R)
Chrysler 10.5"
Chrysler 11.5"

Suzuki Axles

GM Axles
GM 7.2" IFS
GM 7.5"
GM 7.625"
GM 8.0"
GM 8.2"
GM 8.2" BOP
GM 8.25" IFS
GM 8.5" 10-Bolt
GM 8.6" 10-Bolt
GM 12 Bolt (12P)
GM 12 Bolt (12T)
GM 8.875"
GM 9.25" IFS
GM 9.5" 14-Bolt
GM 9.5" 12-Bolt
GM 9.76" 12-Bolt
GM 10.5" 14-Bolt
GM 11.5"
GM 55P
GM 55T

Rockwell Axles
2.5T Rockwell

Toyota Axles
Toyota 7.5"
Toyota 7.5" (IFS)
Toyota 8" (4Cyl)
Toyota 8" (V6)
Toyota 8" (TV6)
Toyota 8" (IFS)
Toyota 8.4" T100
Toyota 8.4" Tacoma
Toyota 8.4" Tundra
Toyota 9.5"
Toyota 10.5"
Land Cruiser 8"
Land Cruiser 9.5"

AMC Axles
AMC Model 20
AMC Model 35

Click here to see photos from our private tour of the Yukon Gear & Axle facility!

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