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Yukon Gear & Axle Shop Tour
Filthy Motorsports tours the Yukon Gear and Axle shop.

** For more photos from our tour of the Yukon Gear & Axle facility,
check out the complete album posted on our Facebook Page **

Yukon Gear & Axle invited Filthy Motorsports, one of their master distributors, to tour their main headquarters in Everett, Washington for a chance to see how they design, test, inspect, and assemble their gears, lockers, hubs, and bearing kits. Luckily, they allowed me to take a few photos to share with our customers!

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Quality control is the top priority at Yukon and it was obvious from the moment I walked through the front door. The first stop was the quality control lab where they check their finished parts for proper atomic composition, micro-structure rating, material hardness, as well as machining finishes and final tolerances.

Yukon parts are developed in-house from an initial concept all the way to the approval of a final product by their full time staff of automotive engineers. This tight control over every little detail is how Yukon consistently turns out the strongest and most precise automotive parts.

Precision and tight tolerances are the key to top quality parts so after every batch of any product is made, they are measured using a wide range of specialized devices to make sure that they are within their strict specifications and ready to be sold to our customers.

High tech instruments fill the Yukon quality control lab, however, some things are simply best measured with tried and true devices like this optical comparator that they use for verifying angles, corners, and edges of certain components.

A Rockwell hardness tester is used to measure the hardness of metals by pressing a sharp point into the surface and measuring how deep the indentation is. Proper hardness is critical to make sure all Yukon parts are able to withstand the abuses of on and off-road racing.

The toughest parts are only as strong as their weakest links which can only be found with destructive testing. This custom built axle shaft breaker twists axle shafts until they, or the differential, fail. The results of these tests are how Yukon knows they can offer some of the industry's best warranties.

Custom built jigs and tooling are found throughout the Yukon facility and are used for everything from measuring parts, to testing products, and assembling their lockers, hubs, third members, and bearing kits.

All Yukon products are assembled in-house by their professionally trained crew that carefully builds every locker, hub assembly, and 3rd member by hand in a way that ensures a reliable, perfectly functioning part every single time.

After a final inspection, completed parts are placed on a cart that will take them to be boxed up and then placed in a specific spot on a shelf to await an order from an authorized Yukon dealer.

Yukon's industry leading warranties result in a surprisingly low number of issues and returns, most of which are determined to be a result of improper installation rather than product failure. Nevertheless, Yukon takes all returns seriously and uses their findings to improve existing products wherever possible.

Millions of dollars worth of inventory
spread throughout three warehouses that are strategically placed around the country allows Yukon to get most orders to any customer in the continental US within 1 to 3 business days.

Yukon's super efficient shipping department can get parts pulled, boxed up, and labeled for shipment with hours of our orders. In fact, in most cases, orders that are placed with Filthy Motorsports by 2pm can still get shipped out on the same day!

Filthy Motorsports is one of Yukon Gear & Axle's largest dealers and has been proudly selling and using their parts for many years with excellent results. Our customers are primarily off-road racers (of all types) that are extremely hard on their equipment and we have found that Yukon Ring and Pinion Gears are the only ones that consistently withstand that kind of abuse. For that reason, we decided to make them the only brand of gears that we offer.

Their lockers, hubs, bearing kits, 3rd members, as well as everything else in the Yukon catalog follows the same philosophy and we proudly recommend their entire product line to all of our pro and amateur racers, off-road enthusiasts, and weekend mechanics performing maintenance on their daily driver.