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Filthy Motorsports: Store > 2.5T Rockwell
Rockwell 2.5 Ton (HX-240) Axle Parts, Gears, and Upgrades

Axle Specifications:

Ring Gear Diameter: 10.25"
Ring Gear Bolts: 8
Axle Spline Count: 16
Axle Shaft Diameter: 1.56" / 1.62"
Axle Shaft Style: Full Float
Pinion Support: Yes
Pinion Adjustments: Shims
Pinion Flange: 1480 U-Joint
Gear Ratio: 6.72:1
Dropout Carrier: Top Loading
Bolt Pattern: 6 x 8.75"

Axle Dimensions and Weights:

Front WMS to WMS: 69.5" or 79.5"
Rear WMS to WMS: 69.5" or 79.5"
Front Axle Weight: 690 lbs. w/o brakes
Rear Axle Weight: 690 lbs. w/o brakes
Center Chunk Weight: 215 lbs. loaded
Center Chunk Height: 9.5" above axle tube

Popular Applications:

M35A2 2.5-Ton Truck 1951 + F / R

Axle Shaft Types:

U-Joint Axle Shafts: 3,600 lb. Static Load (Est.)
Convel Joint Shafts: 4,300 lb. Static Load (Est.)
Rezepa Joint Shafts: 3,200 lb. Static Load (Est.)

Axle Images:

Axle Details

The 2.5 Ton Rockwell axle, available in steering and solid axle configurations is a bomb-proof axle with many unique features. As standard equipment on Kaiser M35 series 2.5 Ton trucks, Rockwell axles are built to military specifications and, while extremely heavy, they are very well engineered and quite easy to work on. Their signature feature is a top-loading, drop-out style 3rd member that houses large double reduction gears and a pass-through pinion shaft. A 6.72 to 1 overall gear reduction, massive 1.56" diameter axle shafts, plentiful availability, and a healthy aftermarket are making these axles a popular choice for many off-roaders.
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ARB Air Locker
Rockwell 2.5 Ton ARB Air Locker RD145 | 16 Spline
List Price: $1,183.00
Your Price: $1,123.85

ARB Air Lockers use compressed air to engage and disengage their internal locking mechanism at the simple flip of a switch. They feature components and gears that are 30% stronger than OEM differentials to offer superior strength, durability, and off-road traction.
Detroit Locker
Rockwell 2.5 Ton Detroit Locker 225S15 | 16 Spline
List Price: $579.00
Your Price: $479.95

Detroit Lockers have a legendary reputation with off-roaders and feature a heavy duty, efficient, and effective design that offers 100% traction to both wheels while still allowing for wheel speed differentiation for easy turning on the street and other high-traction surfaces.
Yukon Grizzly Locker
Rockwell 2.5 Ton Yukon Grizzly Locker YGLR2.5-16 | 16 Spline
List Price: $519.01
Your Price: $471.83

Yukon Grizzly Lockers feature internal disengagement gears that are 350% stronger than those used in a Detroit Locker making them more reliable and better suited for aggressive off-road racing. Assembled in the USA and backed by Yukon's industry leading 1 year warranty.
Rockwell Axle Carrier Bearings
Rockwell Axle Carrier Bearing Kit (Pair)
List Price: $120.00
Your Price: $100.00

Rockwell Axle Carrier Bearing Kits include two Timken (or equivalent) 396 cone bearings and 394A bearing cups which are direct Rockwell / Meritor OEM replacement parts for all front and rear 2.5-Ton Rockwell axle differential carriers. Also fits ARB's Rockwell Air Locker.
Rockwell Fill and Drain Plug Kit
Rockwell Axle Drain and Fill Plug Kit
List Price: $40.00
Your Price: $35.00

Rockwell Axle Fill and Drain Plug Kits include one fill plug, one fill plug copper gasket, and one magnetic drain plug. Both plugs are manufactured to OEM specifications and feature 1/2" ratchet heads for easy installation and removal.
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